At 401(k) Professionals, our Services focus on creating and maintaining a successful retirement plan. Just as every plan participant is an individual with his/her retirement objectives and goals, every plan sponsor has their own objectives and goals, as well.

As your retirement advisor, 401(k) Professionals will consult with you and design the best retirement plan for your company and its employees. We develop an ongoing service plan to meet your specific needs. 

If you want a competitive retirement plan benefit to support your hiring and retention of top-notch employees, meet ERISA compliance and be actively monitored by a dedicated professional, then 401(k) Professionals will be there for you.

Plan Design

Plan design begins with a thorough analysis of each employer’s current plan and future needs along with employee demographics. We utilize an organized and systematic approach, personalized to help you make the most appropriate decisions regarding your retirement plan. Some questions that come up duriong our design analysis include:

• How much of the employee deferral will be matched (if any at all)?

• How long is the employee eligibility period?

• How often can a deferral change may be made?

• The number of investment options to be offered?

• How often the investment choices may be changed?

• Will the plan provide for participant loans and if so, how much and how often?

The Process

Our retirement advisors will take you through a six step process that focuses on your company’s needs, objectives and goals:

(1) Analyze Your Current Position – Perform a thorough review of your company’s needs, objectives and goals, then evaluate the suitability of your current plan administrator in light of those parameters.

(2) Plan Design – Create a well-diversified portfolio of assets to match your risk/return parameters and formalize your specific investment objectives with a customized written Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

(3) Administrator Benchmarking – Complete a multi-step screening process using a combination of qualitative and quantitative measures.

(4) Implement Recommendations – Identify and select an appropriate new plan administrator, if necessary, and supervise the conversion and implementation.

(5) Employee Communications – Conduct enrollment meetings and ongoing employee education.

(6) Ongoing Advice and Monitoring – Monitor investment portfolio performance and ERISA compliance to make sure everything is in line with your expectations, objectives and goals.