What to Expect

As an employer and sponsor of a 401(k) plan, your company shoulders a major responsibility.

How do you know if your company is meeting the many challenges? How do you select a plan administrator or investments? What are your criteria for maintaining plan optimization?

You must listen to the needs of your employees and then provide the appropriate plan at a reasonable cost. You are also tasked to determine the optimal plan design provisions, choose investments, keep up with legislative changes and educate and inform plan participants. All of this is our expertise, and offering attractive benefit plans is proven to help recruit and retain valuable employees.

Many plan sponsors are unaware of plan fees and unfamiliar with fee structures. If fees are excessive, the impact on plan effectiveness is significant. 401(k) Professionals will reduce fees as your plan grows, this is our commitment, and therefore we are always motivated to monitor your plan against the market…you could consider us as part of your team! In essence, when realizing your needs and listening to your employees, you achieve financial wellness by finding a knowledgeable 401(k) consultant who will represent you in the marketplace and place you first.

Our employee communication and education programs provide plan sponsors with award-winning websites, enrollment presentations and education materials needed to manage a company’s fiduciary responsibility, and increase employee understanding of their 401k investment.

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